Curfew Information

Curfew is a law that keeps kids under the age of 18 off the streets and away from gangs, drugs and crime. Curfews, which apply to the nighttime hours, arenít just there to keep the good kids from going bad, they are also there to keep the good kids from being hurt or becoming victims of crime.

If you are with a parent or guardian you are allowed to be out after curfew, as long as they are supervising you.

If you have a job, it is OK to be out after curfew. Just make sure you go straight to and from work. Stopping to hang out with friends would mean breaking curfew.

Hanging out and breaking curfew can cost you: If you are caught after curfew, there is a fine of $250, totaling $675 with assessment. You may also be required to do community service. Breaking curfew can also affect whether you can get or keep your driverís license.