Safe Schools

When crime, drugs and violence spill over from the streets into the schools, it makes it harder to find a safe place to learn. More students carry guns or knives to protect themselves. Guns replace fists in schoolyard fights. To get to and from school, many students must go through areas where gangs and drug dealers hang out. More and more kids are using guns instead of using their heads.

When this happens, children cannot learn and teachers cannot teach.

Itís up to everyone Ė kids, parents, teachers and the community  -- to make sure schools are a place where kids can feel safe, not scared. Here are a few ways students can help:

        Donít use gun, knives or your fists to settle fights. Use your head and try to talk it out. Sometimes itís best to walk away from a fight.

        If you see a crime being committed or hear that someone has brought a weapon to school, tell your teacher, a parent or the police.

        Find a safe way to get to school. Try to stay away from areas where gangs and drug dealers hang. Know where you can go for help if you need it.

        Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Donít use them and donít hang out with people who do.

If your school has anti-violence activities such as poster contests or anti-drug rallies, get involved. If there is no anti-violence program, get friends, parents and teachers to help you start one.