Here are some questions that we hear all the time from kids. Here's the top questions with answers provided by an officer, a parent and a fellow student.

Officer Response
Parents Response
Kid Response

  1. How can I stop my dad from smoking?

First, express your love for your dad and explain your concerns for his health.  Explain that you have learned about the many health concerns associated with tobacco use and you fear that he will suffer some of those ill effects.  Explain that you have been taught at school not to smoke, but have become confused by watching your dadís smoking activity.

Tell him how much you love him and want him to be around for a long time to see his grandchildren grow up.

I would tell him that I donít want to breathe the smoke he breathes out because it hurts my lungs and that I donít want to see him die young either.

  1. My friend says that drinking alcohol is fun, I kind of want to try it, what should I do?

Think about the positive and negative consequences of drinking ďriskĒ Consider the long and short-term effects of alcohol abuse on your health as well as getting in trouble.  I think once you have considered all of these things, you will discover that alcohol use is not worth it.  Also discuss this situation with your parents.

You will be able to try it some day when you are old enoughÖLaws are put into place for people to drink over the age of 21 for a reason.  They hope that people will be responsible and strong enough to make their own decisions because alcohol does alter your decision-making. 

Any person who encourages you to drink isnít your friend.  Find new friends and stay away from alcohol.

  1. What is the worst drug to take?

All drugs are dangerous.  Some of the harder drugs are heroin, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP) and meth amphetamines.  Even prescription drugs can be dangerous when not taken as prescribed by a doctor.

All drugs are bad!  The best advice I could give would be to stay away from them all.

All of them are bad Ė unless the doctor or your mom gives them to you because you are sick.

  1. My mom and dad have wine with dinner every night, are they alcoholics?

If your parents drink an occasional glass of wine with dinner, that does not make them alcoholics.  An alcoholic is someone who is unable to control him or herself and has to drink alcohol.

Drinking a glass of wine at dinner doesnít make them alcoholics.  When they start drinking lots of bottles of wine I would start to question things.

Maybe not, but they surely arenít too smart.  Drinking alcohol is stupid, itís really bad for your body and most people feel sick after they drink.

  1. Sometimes I have to stay home alone and it makes me scared, who should I call?

First explain to your parent or guardian how you feel about the situation, If you are still required to be alone, try to get your parents to allow you to stay with friends, other family members, a local youth organization or even the local library.  If you must be alone, please remember that you can summon immediate assistance by telephoning 911.

I would tell your parents that you are not comfortable staying by yourself.  I would see if your parents could arrange for you to stay with a relative, neighbor or friends house.  If you are already by yourself, call your parents and ask if you could go to a neighbor until your parents came home. Always let your parents know where you are.

Call your grandma or an adult relative if you are scared and tell your parents you donít want to stay home alone.

  1. My dad does drugs and said it is no big deal, what should I do?

Realize that your dad has a problem with drug use and is unable to control thoughts about his use.  You should consider talking with another parent, guardian or health care worker at your school or perhaps someone at your place of worship.

Tell him that it is a big deal and that it is illegal and he could go to jailÖ. Not to mention very unhealthy. He needs to get some professional help.

Tell him that it is a life or death situation, drugs are illegal and your dad needs help.

  1. My mom and dad drink alcohol when we go out to dinner, then they drive home. I told them they should not drink and drive and they laughed at me.  What should I do?

Speak to your parents about the consequences of drinking and driving with some facts about the punishment and restrictions that apply to your state.

There is a difference between drinking one glass of wine at dinner and getting drunk.  If your parents are drunk, donít get into the car.

Tell them itís not funny.  They can kill someone if they are drinking and driving and it could even be them.  Tell them you would like them to see you graduate from college.

  1. What should I do when my mom smokes in the car with me, I smell like smoke and then kids think that I smoke too?

Explain your concerns to your mother and request that she at least not smoke when you are in the car.  If you really must ride with your mother when she is smoking consider lowering a window or even explaining to your mother that you would rather not ride with her.  Also explain to her the consequences of second hand smoke.

Tell her that kids are accusing you of smoking and that you are getting in trouble at school because smoking is not allowed.

Tell her that second hand smoke is very bad for your lungs and that it hurts you as much as itís hurting her to smoke.