DARE 2 Dream Mobile: Header


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simply use the print command through your browser.



1. Fold your square to form a triangle



2. Fold in half once more to form a smaller triangle.



3. Open (unfold) your paper. The fold lines form an X across the square.



4. Fold each corner toward the center across fold lines.



5. Turn your paper over, folded side down. Once again, fold corners to center
to make 8 small triangles.



6. Turn over once more, 8 triangles down. Four little squares should be on top.

    Write DARE on the squares as shown:   diagram6


7. Turn the square over, DARE side down.



8. Using the longest side of each triangle as your base, write or print your
responses to phrases a through h as shown in the illustration.



9. Turn DARE side up with the diamond hanging half over the sharp edge of a
desk or table as shown.



10. Fold the bottom of the D diamond down over the edge so that the D
diamond is vertical as shown.



11. Take the mobile in your hands and crease the fold so that the D diamond
stands up.


12. Do the same for the A, R, and E diamonds.


13. Add decorations if you wish.



14. Working in groups, put six or more DARE to Dream paper sculptures
together to make a Dare to Dream mobile as follows.

    a. Using one of the ends of an unbent paper clip, make a hole in the center.


    b. Thread string through hole from the top and tie a knot underneath where
    the dreams are.


    c. Tie several DARE to Dream sculptures to a coat hanger or piece of dowel and
    balance them.

    d. Hanger and dowel may be covered with yarn or colored paper.

    That's it, now it's ready to hang!

    Illustration of Finished Mobile