Mounted Units

Running Horse

The Mounted Units are deployed frequently in crowd management situations where large, peaceful groups have gathered for festivals and parades. The appearance of the Mounted Unit at these functions provides visible security and a sense of assurance for those present.

The Mounted Unit is used regularly at the scene of demonstrations and unruly crowds. Mounted Units have been developed to work with officers on foot to control large groups of protesters.

The Mounted Unit provides high-profile crime suppression in targeted crime areas. Mounted officers offer an increased level of visibility to both the criminal element and to the community at large. During the winter holiday season, the Mounted Unit concentrates its deployment at major shopping mall parking lots.

Additional Mounted Unit duties include narcotics enforcement, public park enforcement, public beach enforcement during the summer months, and searches in mountainous and dense terrain areas.

Private donations, which are tax deductible, are spent wisely and effectively helping with the acquisition, training and maintenance of horses and supplies.