8 Ways to Say No

1. Saying “No Thanks”

Q: “Would you like a drink?”
A: “No Thanks”

2. Giving a reason or excuse.

Q: “Would you like a beer?”
“No thanks. I don’t drink beer.”

3. Repeat refusal, or keep saying no.
    (Broken Record)

Q: “Would you like a hit of marijuana?”
A:  “No.”

Q: “Come on!”
A:  “No.”

Q:  “Just try it!”
A:  “No.”

4. Walking away

Q: “I have some cigarettes. Do you want one?”
A: Say no and walk away while saying it.

5. Changing the subject

Q: “Lets smoke some marijuana.”
“No.  Let’s watch my new video instead.”


6. Avoid the situation
If you know of places where people often use drugs, stay away from those places.  If you pass those places on the way home, go another way.
7. Cold shoulder

Q: “Hey! Do you want to smoke?”
A:  Just ignore the person.

8. Strength in numbers
Hang around with non-users, especially where drugs use is expected.