kiReal Elementary DVD

 Solution to keepin' it Real Elementary DVD problem


If you are still having problems getting the videos to play in the Revised Elementary keepin’ it Real PowerPoint presentations, read the following Microsoft support page.


It looks like installing the latest PowerPoint viewer will resolve the issue if you do not have PowerPoint 2007 or later.


If you have PowerPoint 2007, click on the Office Button in the upper left corner of PowerPoint and select “PowerPoint Options” at the bottom of the drop down box.  On the left side, click on “Resources” and look at the last line on the right. It should say something like, “Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (some numbers) SP3 MSO (more numbers). If there is no SP# or it is less than SP2, then you need to upgrade to PowerPoint 2007, Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later. Information on the upgrade is located at:


If you have PowerPoint 2010 or later, you should have no problems.


Hope this helps.